Enough Mandates

More and more property owners across New York State have come to realize that true property tax relief will come about when the State takes back some of the mandated expenses that are passed down to local government.

This not only includes your county level, but your city, town and or village level.

The state for years has passed down a large portion of the cost of running certain expenses to the local property owner.

I have recently become aware via NYSAC (New York State Association of Counties), that there is a web site where everyone can view and express the concerns we have as property owners.

Though we have strong advocates in both the Assembly and the Senate in our region, they are at times outnumbered and parked on the sidelines by the interests of other groups and their lobbyists.

I would like to ask that you please spend a moment to visit the web site: www.enoughmandates.com and join the voices in New York that are crying out that we have reached the point that continuing down this road of passing along the costs in this manner is destroying our way of life.

Thank you for you considerations and again please visit this site.

James Karasek
Oswego County Leg. Dist 22