Space Race

The Stewardesses of the "Starship Apollo" prepare your seat for two additional performances.


What was intended as a one-night show on the anniversary of the moon landing has blasted off beyond all expectations. SPACE RACE, a comedic retelling of humanity’s mad dash to the lunar surface, sold out in record time. The Art Scene (formerly the CNY Arts Center) has added two new dates to accommodate the demand of the audience.

“We were completely over the moon with the response to SPACE RACE,” said Bonnie McLellan, Executive Director of The Art Scene (formerly the CNY Arts Center). “The show’s remarkable blend of humor, science fiction, and special effects has clearly captured the imaginations of our community. We’re excited to offer more opportunities for Central New York to experience this hilarious and innovative show.”

SPACE RACE, written by Nicholas Gentile (one of the writers from last year’s production of “The 1812 Underture” at Fort Ontario), sends audiences on an irreverent trip to the lunar surface, promising “death-defying special effects” (courtesy of a grant from the CNY Arts Regrant Committee), a live score from Syracuse’s premiere surf rock trio The Underwater Bosses, and “a giant metal monster with drills for hands.”

“Let our highly-trained team of astronauts escort you through the perils of space travel – from the air-conditioned comfort of our newly renovated theater,” says Gentile. “Freeze-dried ice cream and Tang will be available at concessions for those curious.”

The newly added performances will be on July 20th at 7:00 pm and July 21st at 3:00 pm. Tickets are priced at $19.69, a cheeky nod to the historic year of the moon landing, and are available at by phone at 315-598-2787.

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