Fairgrieve Readers Have PIZZAzz

Students in grades one through six at Fairgrieve Elementary have served up reading success.

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Fairgrieve students cited.

The school’s 2016-2017 Accelerated Reader program theme is pizza.

Each grade level has an AR goal each marking period, ranging from 2.5 to 12 points.

For every 10 points achieved, students will receive a Pizza Point Club button.

Students who meet their quarterly goal will receive a Pizza “brag tag”

If students meet their goals by May 25, they will be invited to the AR PIZZAzz festival and enjoy games, prizes, crafts and photographs.

AR readers who garner 100, or more, points by May 25 and achieve an 80+ average on AR quizzes will join Principal Jean Sampsell at the school’s annual Pizza with the Principal celebration.

Each month, the student who earns the most AR points also receives a T-shirt from teacher and local author Justin Johnson.

From left, are the November top point earners: Katharine Demars, Ayden Spaulding, Steven Master, Grace Hutton and Brenda Longok. Absent from the photo is Tawnee Burns.