Fairley’s ‘Pokémon Book Blasters’ Advance In Battle Of Books

A 16-question reading recollection challenge was decided by one answer during Fairley Elementary School’s Battle of the Books.

The Pokémon Book Blasters react to the news that they won the Fairley Elementary School Battle of the Books competition. From left are Ben Fowler, Ben Hess and Landon Gibson.

Three teams competed against one another as they tested their ability to recall specific details from a selection of 10 books they had read since the beginning of the school year.

The questions asked about plot lines, characters, themes and more, and prompted participants to identify the title and author of the book in question.

Teams earned 8 points for correctly naming both the title and the author, while partial credit was given for the correct title only.

Fairley students pose for a group photo after their recent Battle of the Books competition. In the back row, from left: Landon Gibson, Ben Fowler and Ben Hess; middle row, from left: Addison Holden, Cecelia Stone, Kiesha Vogelsang; and front row, from left: Olivia Proulx, Rocco Cianfarano and Alanis Arnold.

For Landon Gibson, Ben Fowler and Ben Hess, of the Pokémon Book Blasters, their 104 points was enough to edge out the Hybrid Readers (Addison Holden, Cecelia Stone and Kiesha Vogelsang) and the Reading Rapadash Warriors (Olivia Proulx, Rocco Cianfarano and Alanis Arnold).

Each participant earned a certificate of completion, and the winners will advance to the countywide Battle of the Books set for March 12 in Sandy Creek.