Firefighters Appreciated

Letter to the Editor,

Wayne Royal passed on recently. He was a true “Guardian Angle” as a volunteer for the Pennellville Volunteer Fire Department. His son Duane has been the chief of the Pennellville Volunteer Fire Department for many years, has also been an EMT for NOCA volunteer ambulance corps when he lived in the Pulaski area.

I knew his kids from school and after high school I got to know Wayne.

He even worked for me at my shop. Wayne was a good mechanic, happy-go-lucky (most of the time), and liked to say what was on his mind.

Son Duane Royal is the kind of guy who would rescue anybody, putting his own life on the line in any situation… another true “Guardian Angel.”

My wife is from East Syracuse and Wayne worked with her father at Sleeth Olds in Syracuse. My father-in-law used to help Wayne with his stock cars before I met my wife, one of the first times she came out into the country from the city.

I was glad Cliff Hoyt hired Wayne Royal at the town of Schroeppel Highway Department. Wayne always had a smile on his face going by down the road driving the big snow plow trucks. Wayne volunteered midway through life. Seconds count in an emergency and our volunteer fire departments need our support and appreciation.

I was a volunteer in Caughdenoy joining at 15 just to play softball, but I got to love the fire department once I got in. Firefighting must be in my blood since my grandfather was in the Syracuse Fire Department, and was involved in the “Collins Block Fire” where several of his firefighter brothers lost their lives.

All our firefighters are dedicated true professionals. Volunteer firefighting is a great experience for our youth. It helps to make a man out of a boy in a hurry.

Son Duane has lost his best friend and father.

Wayne was the kind of guy who would light up the room. Now that he is in Heaven, we will all miss him and will be thinking of him throughout the years with happiness.

Wayne was a real cool guy, and his son, Duane, is a carbon copy of his dad.

Daryl Waldron is also a volunteer fireman with the Caughdenoy Fire Department for about 60 years. His children and grandchildren are also involved with firefighting.

Daryl is 74 now and has some medical issues. Daryl is like Wayne ~ always a gentleman.

Please keep Fireman Daryl Waldron in your thoughts and prayers during this Christmas season.

All our community should get involved with the volunteer fire departments. The fire departments need your help to keep this great tradition alive and going strong in Oswego County.


Steven D. Burdick
Fulton, NY 13069