First Family of Fitness Attempts 6 World Records to Raise Money for Family of Paralyzed Child

SYRACUSE, NY – Winning eight Guinness Fitness World Records is impressive by any standards.

Breaking Guinness World Records to support charitable organizations is noble. Inspiring others to do the same is commendable.

Bob Natoli, seen here earning a previous world record, will be at it again on Saturday.
Bob Natoli, seen here earning a previous world record, will be at it again on Saturday.

Creating a True Vision for three people to break six Guinness Fitness World Records in an hour to raise money and awareness for a family devastated by a fatal car crash is truly amazing.

That’s just what eight-time Guinness Fitness World Record holder Bob Natoli is doing at 1 p.m. on Saturday at the 90,000 square foot Pacific Health Club just four minutes North of Destiny USA.

Natoli has created a real First Family of Fitness by inspiring his son, Bobby Natoli, and his son-in-law, David Bourdon, to join him in breaking six Guinness Fitness Records in an hour in support of the Patterson family.

The Patterson family recently suffered the death of their mother, serious injury to the rest of the family and the paralysis from the waist down of 10-year-old Olivia Patterson in a tragic car accident caused by an alleged drugged driver.

This Guinness Record event is dedicated to the Pattersons and families helping families.

While Natoli may be a master world record breaker, the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree in his son.

Bobby became the youngest Guinness Fitness World Record holder when he was just 15 by performing 53 chin-ups in one minute on February 9, 2008.

He has also broken several bench press and deadlift world records while still a teenager.

The Natoli family “True Vision 4 Success” has also been taken up by son-in-law, David Borden, who will be attempting his first Guinness World record during this spectacular event to raise money and awareness for the Patterson family.

The Guinness World Record Titles to be Attempted:

1.       Bob Natoli – Most Step-ups in One Minute Carrying a 100 Pound Pack.
2.       Bob Natoli – Most Step-ups in One Minute Carrying an 80 Pound Pack.
3.       Bob Natoli – Most Weight Lifted by Dumbbell Rows in One Minute (One Arm).
4.       Bobby Natoli – Most Knuckle Pushups in One Minute.
5.       Bobby Natoli – Most Pull-ups in One Minute Carrying a 40 Pound Pack
6.       David Bourdon – Most Pull-ups in One Minute.

Bob has also personally pledged $5,000 to the Patterson Family Trust and is suggesting public donations of ten cents per repetition for any or all of the records.

Donations can be made directly by going online to: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/please-help-the-patterson-family-after-the-recent-tragedy/110565

Bob, Bobby and David are urging everyone to reach out and help the Patterson family.

The Pattersons face overwhelming medical costs as they attempt to rebuild their lives. They also face the additional challenge of creating handicapped accessible living quarters and obtaining transportation for Olivia and her wheelchair.

While donations of money to the Patterson Family Trust are greatly appreciated, donations of equipment, building materials and labor are also needed as the Pattersons rebuild their lives.

Donations can also be made by contacting The Patterson Family Trust, P.O. Box 63, Syracuse, NY 13201.