Food Drive Underway at Oswego Public Library

Submitted photo.
Submitted photo.

A month long Community Food Drive is underway to sponsor Human Concerns Inc. of Oswego NY. Over 30 children on “Picnic” story hour helped decorate the boxes that will hold the donations for the duration of the food drive.

During the month of June, one box will be on the Main Level, and one in the Children’s Room to collect non perishable items to donate to the food bank to help children in our community eat well during the summer months when they lack access to free breakfast and lunches.

The Oswego County AmeriCorps Program focuses on services for children and families. Members mentor youth, provide fitness and nutrition education activities for youth, and manage volunteers who serve their community.

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  1. We DO forget that the kids who qualify for school lunches during the school year might not eat well in summer. Most of us think of food pantries at the holidays, we often forget them during other times of the year. BRAVO for whoever thought of this.
    And what a valuable lesson for youngsters who might not otherwise consider that even though they eat well, there are many that do not.

    I’ve heard the argument among those that ‘have,’ that if only the parents would not spend their money foolishly. Well, assuming they do (although many don’t have enough money for any sort of foolishness whatsoever, even though everyone knows of an example of someone who does…this is not the norm), the children are the innocent victims if mom or dad spends there ‘assistance’ on soda or cigarettes. The children are not doing so. And they NEED milk, and eggs, and fresh fruits to grown into adults who will be a valuable asset to the community. The other consideration of how the human body/brain forms and develops without these essential nutrients, well, pay now, or pay later!

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