Former Fulton Postal Worker and Husband Face Prison For Fraud

A woman who used to deliver mail for the U.S. Postal Service in Fulton is facing a long time in prison after she and her husband admitted to defrauding the government.

Tracey Raponi, 41, and husband Gale Raponi, 56, of Martville admitted in U.S. District Court in Syracuse Monday that they made false statements in order for Tracey to get workers compensation benefits.

The government claims Raponi received $326,467.88 in benefits she should not have received.

Federal prosecutors say Raponi lied when she said she was not working somewhere else while she was getting workers compensation and her husband lied when he backed up her claim.

Instead, they admitted that Raponi was working at her husband’s dog breeding, boarding and training business, Tuff-N-Uff Kennels.

The government says “Tracey Raponi worked for and at Tuff-N-Uff Kennels breeding dogs, exercising dogs, receiving fees for kennel services, registering dogs, vaccinating dogs, administering medications to dogs, transporting dogs to and from veterinary offices, and writing checks for goods and services utilized in the kennel’s business.”

The Raponis will be sentenced September 12. They face up to five years in prison, fines of $250,000, and three years’ supervised release after prison.

Below is a story on the conviction from NewsChannel 9.


  1. This woman is going to jail for lying to Federal Investigators. Yet, Roger Clemens remains free after lying to Congress under oath about taking HGH drugs while playing baseball. Our system of justice is supposed to be fair and balanced. However, sometimes it favors those with power and money.

  2. This is all bull. I know these people. She is disabled from her job. Her husband has a hobby that would be great as a business if any money could actually be made from this. The government wants to “save” some money even at the expense of destroying someones life. She absolutely was entitled to worker’s comp benefits and this should not be happening. This could happen to anyone who gets hurt on the job and becomes the target of some investigator out to put another feather is his cap by saying he saved the taxpayers all this money. How cruel and heartless.

  3. I don’t know the people or the case, but it was the comments say is true, why did they plead guilty?

  4. I was introduced to both Gale and Tracey a couple of years ago. They are wonderful, caring, honest, selfless people. I am glad to have met them!!!! It’s disturbing to me to see such a good person be attacked by the media this way. Tracey is truly injured, she did not work for her husband, and sometimes you have to pleade guilty when the government is bullying you. Without divulging personal information…all I can say is that yet again I am appauled by our government. Perhaps the government should look harder at capable working welfare recipients defrauding the government every day…and quit wasting their time persecuting a housewife who wrote checks for her husband. Does that really constitute work?

  5. I have known the Raponis for 20 years now. They’ve made their money for decades through fraud. The US Postal Inspectors and the US Dept of Labor had so much evidence aginst them, the Raponis couldn’t plead anything but guilty. Now that they’ve pled guilty, let’s see if they actually get punished when the judge sentences them in September.

  6. Omg I bought my American Bulldog from Gale Raponi 8 yrs ago!!!! They seemed like cool honest ppl.

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