Fulton Amateur Radio Club Announces Start Of 2016 General Class License Course

FULTON, NY – If you hold a Technician License and would like to upgrade to General, this class will get you there. This 10-week class will be held at the County Building in Fulton (across from Mimi’s) starting February 29.

Class starts at 6:30 pm. The test will be administered on May 2.

There is no cost for this class.

The FCC General Class Amateur Radio Operator enjoys the privilege of operating his or her “Ham Radio” station, contacting other stations around the world.

These privileges come with the FCC General Class License.

This class will prepare holders of the FCC Technician Class License to take the General Class examination, and to use their new privileges.

This 10-week course will cover the advanced knowledge needed to understand the requirements and to be able to pass a 35-question written examination which earns you the privileges of a General Class FCC licensed amateur radio operator and to participate in this fascinating hobby.

The telegraph, telephone, radio, television and cell phones are all electronic ways to communicate with people near and far.

Amateur (Ham) Radio has been in use for more than 100 years by people who just want to communicate.

Some engage in contests, others in handling messages, others in preparation for an emergency.

It works when the power goes out or when cell phones are overloaded.

Contact Redd, AI2N, for more information at [email protected]