Fulton Common Council Rescinds Resolution

Two men read from paper
Ronald Woodward and Daniel O'Brien address the public. Photo by: Kassadee Paulo

FULTON – The Common Council met yesterday, Tuesday, Nov. 26 at 3 p.m. to completely rescind a resolution vote that took place in a meeting held last Wednesday. 

During last Wednesday’s meeting, the council voted to advertise for a public hearing on Tuesday, Dec. 17, regarding a change in the city code’s Eligibility for City Offices

“Resolved that the resolution #22-1-2019 is hereby rescinded in its entirety due to a lack of public notice of the meeting,” City Clerk/Chamberlain Daniel O’Brien read.

According to the city charter, the public and media must be given notice at least 24 hours in advance of a meeting. This did not happen, so the meeting was illegal. 

At the regular Common Council meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 6, it was decided that there would be a public hearing at the next regularly scheduled meeting, Tuesday, Dec. 3. However, O’Brien said the councilors wanted more time to think about changing the residency requirements of certain city offices. 

Since the resolution to advertise for a public hearing on Dec. 17 was rescinded, the council voted on it again. Fourth Ward Councilor Sam Vono and Fifth Ward Councilor Dennis Merlino did not attend Tuesday’s meeting. 

First Ward Councilor Tom Kenyon and Second Ward Councilor Dave Ritchie voted no because they want to keep the current residency requirement as it is. 

Third Ward Councilor Don Patrick Jr. and Sixth Ward Councilor Lawrence Macner voted yes to advertising for a public hearing on that date. 

Since Vono and Merlino were not there to vote, it was a tie and Mayor Ronald Woodward needed to vote to break the tie. He voted yes to the public hearing advertisement. 

Since its initial public hearing on Nov. 6, there has been discussion within the council and the community on whether or not to change the city charter to allow certain city officials to live outside the Fulton city limits while working for the city. 

The Fire and Police Commission board already had a candidate for the next police chief in mind, and appointed him at Wednesday’s meeting. However, the appointment is not effective until the end of December. The name of this candidate was not said during the meeting on Nov. 26.

“We did not change anything the Fire and Police Commission did,” O’Brien said. “They have the authority to appoint, fire and hire in the police department.”

This candidate does not live in the city limits. At Tuesday’s meeting, it was said with the current code, that candidate would have 180 days to move to the city of Fulton.

After the Nov. 26 meeting was adjourned, some community members stayed to discuss the residency requirements with the council and mayor.

The people of Fulton may voice their thoughts on city employee residency requirements at the public hearing to be held on Tuesday, Dec. 17 at 7 p.m. in the courtroom of the Fulton Municipal Building.


  1. As you can see fulton…they are trying to pull a fast one folks…BUT THEY GOT CAUGHT this time..HOW MANY times did they do something wrong and got away with it …in my eyes thats theft of services…hmm..

  2. Now im reading what they want to do with 10million…build another building to be vacant with in 20 yrs.how about doing something for veterans other than build two apartments…REALLY…im about sick of reaching out to our veterans council…how much is that salery? I have asked her on several different things only to get told ..let me know if theres anything i can do for you…well ive asked and she corrects my spelling…really…i try to get us discounts at race tracks ..everywhere…she does absolutely nothing to help with music for vets..nothing…its time to start on the infrastructure…jamie ..you know i wont stop till you do SOMETHING…last time im asking…

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