Fulton Junior High Students Accept Rachel’s Challenge

FULTON – Be kind, always.

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Fulton eighth graders raise their hands to accept Rachel’s Challenge, which promotes kindness and compassion.

That was the message Fulton Junior High School students received after hearing the powerful story of the impact Rachel Joy Scott had on friends and family before and after her tragic death.

Rachel was the first person killed in the Columbine High School tragedy on April 20, 1999.

Yolanda Robinson, a presenter for Rachel’s Challenge, encouraged seventh grade and eighth grade students to accept one another and to continue Rachel’s legacy of making a difference in the world.

While the seventh graders received an introduction to what Rachel’s Challenge represents, the eighth graders learned how to carry out Rachel’s willingness to always help others.

Students and staff members in the eighth grade presentation were so captivated by Rachel’s story, many wiped away their tears.

Robinson said to follow Rachel’s legacy, people should follow these five steps: leave a legacy of kindness, show compassion, practice pre-acceptance and don’t pre-judge, learn from your mistakes and forgive yourself and others.

During lunch periods, students made a commitment to accept Rachel’s Challenge by signing a banner that will be displayed in the halls of FJHS.

Those who have embraced Rachel’s legacy may also join the school’s Friends of Rachel (FOR) Club and help spread kindness and compassion throughout school and the Fulton community.