Fulton PD Welcomes Two New Officers

FULTON, NY – At a recent meeting of the Fire and Police Commission, two new police officers were appointed to the Fulton Police Department.

The officers, Thomas Yawger and Thomas Pappa, are filling two current vacancies within the police department.

new officers: Thomas Pappa, left, and Thomas Yawger.
Fulton’s new officers: Thomas Pappa, left, and Thomas Yawger.

The new officers began a week-long orientation with the Fulton Police Department on September 3.

They will begin police academy training on September 9.

The officers are scheduled to attend the Mohawk Valley Police Academy in Utica for approximately 20 weeks of training.

At the conclusion of the police academy training, the officers will return to the Fulton Police Department where they will receive 12 weeks of field training before they are eligible to begin solo patrol duties.

They were sworn in this morning (Sept. 6).