Fulton Police Benevolent Association Starts Annual Fundraiser

Provided by Fulton Police Department
Fulton, NY – In early June the Fulton Police Benevolent Association will begin its annual fund raising campaign.

The Fulton Police Benevolent Association was incorporated in 1932 and is listed as a 509c not for profit benevolent association.

Over the past several decades, the Fulton Police Benevolent Association has donated tens of thousands of dollars to local organizations and civic causes.

In the past a phone campaign was used to raise funds, with a portion of those donated funds covering the phone solicitation costs.

In an effort to maximize the benefit to our community we have decided to utilize a mail campaign only. This will allow the maximum amount of your donation to stay within our city and surrounding community.

The Fulton Police Benevolent Association has a mission of supporting our overall community with an emphasis on youth related activities and organizations. With your help we will continue to provide the much needed financial support to dozens of organizations, affecting thousands of lives in our community.

We ask that you fill out and mail back the fund raising mailer or drop it off at the police department in person.

We thank you for your past support and hope that you will join us in making a difference.