Fulton Racehorses Need Help This Season

In this season of giving, I would like to remind your readers of a very special group of horses here in Fulton who dedicated their lives to the horse racing industry and were left unwanted and homeless.

ReRun Thoroughbred adoption program takes retired Thoroughbred racehorses off the track and places them on foster farms where they can rest, undergo rehabilitation if needed, and receive re-schooling while they wait for adoptive homes and second careers in new equestrian disciplines. ReRun is headquartered in New Jersey, but has an active New York chapter located at Softwind Stables on Rt. 57.

Sue Swart, New York Chapter Director and owner of Softwind Stables, is currently fostering 14 Thoroughbred racehorses whose careers are over and are in need of permanent homes. Unfortunately, many of these horses are undergoing extensive rehabilitation and will likely remain in the program for a prolonged period of time. Others have riding limitations that significantly reduce their chances of adoption. The cost of caring for these horses is high, and the wintertime not only increases the cost but is the time of year when few adoption applications are received.

With the holiday spirit at hand and the less fortunate in our minds, I ask members of the Fulton community to please consider making a donation to ReRun-NY so we can support the horses through the winter and early spring. Your donation will help give an ex-racehorse a second chance at life. To learn more about ReRun and the New York horses, please visit our website at www.rerun.org.

Christine Orman, Ph.D.
Resource Development Director
ReRun, Inc.

6 Brooktree Rd.
East Windsor, NJ 08520