Fulton Republican Committee appoints two new members

On Monday, November 18, at a special meeting the Fulton Republican Committee voted to appoint two members to the committee.

The committee reappointed Mark Sherman to represent the Sixth Ward, First District, he stepped down in September to continue his bid for Fourth Ward councilman which was unsuccessful.

The committee also appointed its newest and youngest member Fredrick Ashby to represent the Third Ward, Second District. Fred, a senior ay GRB High School, said he “has always been interested in politics and serving the community. I began to get involved after the chairman Mark Aldasch Sr. came to our PIG (participation in government) class and invited all the students to come attend the meetings.”

Chairman Aldasch said, “Fred has attended every function and meeting since I visited his class and he expressed great interest and enthusiasm in becoming a member so it was a very easy decision for me to bring him before the committee to have him appointed. I am very excited about the two appointments and I hope that more young people begin to get involved in the workings of our city, we are always looking to add new blood to our ranks.”

If you are a Republican and are interested in attending meetings and learning more about what the Republican Committee does please feel free to contact Chairman Aldasch at 402-2365.