George Ritchie to run for Hannibal Town Highway Superintendent

HANNIBAL, NY – George Ritchie, lifelong resident, announces his candidacy for Hannibal Town Highway Superintendent.

His qualifications include more than 25 years of construction and contracting experience.

He is certified diesel and heavy equipment mechanic, holds a CDL class A NYS Driver’s License, and has years of experience as a heavy equipment operator.

George Ritchie
George Ritchie

Ritchie feels he represents the capabilities necessary to fill the position, especially given the change in the economic landscape in recent years.

“Small towns are faced with maintaining services, despite reductions in operating budgets. This makes it important that the highway superintendent be qualified to go to work on-site, drive the snowplows, run equipment and trucks, provide coverage for employee absences, etc. We can no longer afford to have figurehead administrators,” he said. “The superintendent needs to be qualified, able and willing, to get in there with highway department employees and get their hands dirty.”

Years of experience will allow him to formulate plans going forward and prevent addressing issues on a “catch-as-catch-can” basis. This saves man hours and fuel, two of the most costly aspects of the department.

Additionally, expenditures for vehicle and equipment repairs are extremely significant to the departments overall budget.

“Farming out repairs and maintenance on equipment has cost town taxpayers thousands of extra dollars in recent years. It is unnecessary and impractical. Most all repairs and service should be done in-house. A significant savings can be found, when issues can be addressed and corrected, before they become more costly repairs, and keeps expensive equipment in service longer, with less downtime,” he said.

Ritchie will run on the Republican line, as well as Conservative line in the September 10 primary and would appreciate your support.