Get Your Oliver! Tickets Now

OSWEGO, NY – The cast and crew of “Oliver!” hope the Oswego community will consider itself at home in the Faust Theatre as the Oswego High School Music Department brings Broadway to its stage by presenting this all time favorite musical.

Show times are Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

Will Bandla as Oliver Twist and Erin Chetney as the Artful Dodge rehearse a scene together recently.
Will Bandla as Oliver Twist and Erin Chetney as the Artful Dodge rehearse a scene together recently.

Tickets are on sale at the OHS theatre box office, located at the Buccaneer Boulevard entrance, from 2:30 to 6 p.m. Monday – Thursday.

The box office will open show nights at 6.

Ticket prices are: $10 for adults, $8 for senior citizens and $7 for students.

Oliver is one of the most beloved British musicals, vividly bringing to life Dickens’s timeless characters with its ever-popular story of the boy who asked for more.

The lead role of Oliver Twist will be performed by Will Bandla.

“The best part of being in a production like Oliver! is being with all these new friends here. I’m having just a blast with all these guys. It’s like a big family,” he said. “I was in ‘Les Miserables(, School Edition).’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ here a few years ago. I have been doing this for a while now. Ever since ‘Les Mis,’ I’ve loved acting. I have done different shows for different places.”

The young actor said he likes doing musicals the best.

“I love singing. I love singing and dancing as well as acting all at the same time,” he said. “I hope we get a really large audience; they are going to see a great show – all of the cast is doing a great job.”

The other lead players are Mr. Bumble (Cameron Caruso), Mrs. Corney (Erin McIntosh), Mr. Sowerberry (Zemiah Phrance), Mrs. Sowerberry (Jane Coty), Charlotte (Jessica Krauss),  Noah Claypole (Alex Todd), Frgin (Josh Ewig), the Artful Dodger (Erin Chetney), Nancy (Emily Hurlbutt), Bet (Eve Simmonds), Bill Sikes (Cody Crouse), Mr. Brownlow (Joe Ruggio), Dr. Grimwig (Nick Cocks), Mrs. Bedwin (Rebecca Smith) and Old Sally (Tara Fresch).

The pickpockets are Hannah Allan, Cassy Crisafaulli, Samantha Davis, Julie Knight, Maddie Neuland, Liz Richmond and Tara Stacy.

Workhouse boys and assistants include Duane Crasper, Tiffany Green, Adrienn MacDougall, Kaela Shafer, Cali Spedding and Catherine Wells.

The chorus includes Justin Abbott, Abby Allen, Kaylie Allen, Logan Angelina, Tina Buckingham, Rebecca Chatterton, Saughnessy Darrow, Matthew McLaughlin, Khalil Rivera and Liz Westcott.

Under the musical direction of Veronica Shaver and stage direction of Eve Phillips, the cast has been in rehearsal since November.

Costumers are Jeanette Reyner and Pat VanWie.

Laural Artz is the choreographer. Stephen Braun is the show’s set designer. The lighting design will be by college student and OHS alumna Jamie Ruggio. T.J. Bandla is designing the sound.

“Consider Yourself at Home” as you enjoy a wonderful night of theatre.