Halloween Tales Return To Red Creek

On Oct 26 at 2 p.m. Wager’s Country-Apple will host the second annual fall story telling fest. Haunted barns, spooky beaches, ghost ships and true Halloween tragedies will be among the tales told and stories shared.

Halloween Tales Return To Red Creek
Halloween Tales Return To Red Creek

Author Susan Peterson Gateley will kick off this year’s session with two true Halloween storm stories from Lake Ontario. One back in 1780 involved the loss of the “HMS Ontario,” a 22-gun sloop of war during a dramatic October gale. The other Halloween tragedy took place 99 years later when young Moses Dulmage went for a visit with his small rowing boat. Enjoy stories of a haunted barn and a not so brave ten year old girl who did not like spiders and of a barn ghost right in Red Creek.

As the nights grow long and dark and cold, Halloween is a time to acknowledge the unknown as well as the harvest of food for the winter.

The holiday dates back to the ancient harvest festival of Samhain, when the crops were gathered in. Over in Red Creek the apples have been harvested, the winter squash and cabbage are in stock, and now there’s time to share stories of lake gales, country life and perhaps a mystery or two.

The Wager’s Country Apple barn is also well stocked with antiques, gifts, and oddities so come browse for some holiday gifts and ideas.

Please join us for for round two of Lake Ontario tales and a farm harvest story or two as well. Bring a folding chair and a story of your own to share too. Wager’s is located outside Red Creek on Rt 104A on the way to Fair Haven.