Hannibal High School Teachers Offer Peer Reviews, Instructional Feedback

HANNIBAL – Hannibal High School teachers have implemented peer reviews as a way to assess instruction and provide feedback.

Spanish teacher Kristina Licatese said the goal is to share ideas, strategies and other information with colleagues among many disciplines and grade levels to enhance classroom management and individual student needs.

While the official practice of teacher-to-teacher peer reviews began at the start of the 2015-16 school year, Licatese said the practice has been an unofficial understanding between teachers and staff for some time.

Dr. Linda Rae Markert, SUNY Oswego professor in the Department of Educational Administration, worked with staff to develop a visitation tool to help keep track of teacher observations.

The classroom visit guide provides assessment information on student behaviors as well as teacher behaviors and mentoring.

She said the idea is to build a collaborative culture among teachers to help one another improve how educators help students learn.