Hannibal, SUNY Oswego Learn Ways to Improve Student Learning

HANNIBAL – A collaborative vehicle for information exchange is traveling throughout the Hannibal Central School District to help enhance academic achievement among students.

Team Sheldon is a long-term initiative between SUNY Oswego’s School of Education, the Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation and public schools throughout Oswego County.

Team Sheldon provides professional development for teachers to help them implement research-based best practices for learning, with the idea of boosting graduation rates.

Last year, ninth grade Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) students prepared for success with a project-based learning activity using the game Angry Birds to discuss laws of physics.

Students used their engineering skills to build their own launching devices.

The district receives assistance from Dr. Linda Rae Markert, SUNY Oswego professor in the Department of Educational Administration.

She is assigned to the high school’s science department to work with staff on implementing new strategies for student learning.