Hannibal Voters Say No To No Cost Bond Issue

It was close, but voters in Hannibal turned down a construction project that the district said would cost them exactly zero.

The $26.9 million capital project failed, 455-424.

“I am really disappointed in the outcome of the vote,” Superintendent Michael DiFabio said. “We tried to present the information as clearly as we could for months to make sure that our voters had all of the information they needed to support this project with confidence. It was very disappointing to see it defeated.”

The district worked for approximately two years to develop the project, using $1,298,070 in Expanding our Children’s Education and Learning (EXCEL) aid that was awarded to the district during the 2006-07 state funding cycle. Coupled with a 98 percent reimbursement rate on capital projects, the project would have been delivered with no local cost, according to the district.

DiFabio said many of the items on the project list cannot be put off and the district will look to find ways to get those items done.  “Unfortunately, it seems that the taxpayers will now have to share in the expense of those items,” he said.


  1. We have to stop spending at some point. The project got voted down and now Mr. DiFabio says he is going to do the project anyway and put the bill on tax payer. No
    should mean NO!

  2. People of HANNIBAL … Please respond to Mr Difabio by continuing to get out and VOTE … VOTE NO NO NO NO NO!!! We need to do our part … and VOTE … SCHOOL BOARD … Please honor our WISHES… we can NOT continue to spend spend spend … Fix the budget to allow for the fixes without raising our taxes… It CAN be done.

    Just because something is FREE NOW .. doesn’t mean it won’t cost you something in the future. We need to be SMART, Spend smart!!!

    Here is an example… Does the Farley School need a BIG SCREEN TV in the LUNCH ROOM?? How much did that COST ME??? HUH?? MR DIFABIO?????????????

  3. No does mean no. I have read the minutes regarding the districts stand on the BOCES project. Hannibal should read its own words. It did not pass because residents do not TRUST the Board and the leadership of the district. It was a no vote because of the lack of trust in the district. Having a no cost to the tax payer is important in this district, however it should not and is not the only factor. Some of the work proposed for work in this project was work that was not finished in the project 4 years ago that should have been finished. The board of ed and leadership needs to regain the trust of the public in this district. VERY SAD

  4. I don’t understand why we even bother to vote if the board has to power to override what the people in Hannibal want. First it was NO to a HUGE tax increase that we ended up paying for anyway , and now we are being threatend again with even more tax increases. When is enough going to be enough! Why is it that we have to tighten our belts but the town government does not!

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