Hannibal’s School Budget Passes, but Barely

Hannibal’s school budget passed Tuesday by about as narrow a margin as you will see.

The budget was approved, 330-321, or 50.7% yes to 49.3% no.

“I really did not expect it to be so close.  That was a big surprise,” said Superintendent Mike DiFabio. “It was  so difficult of a process and so stressful,  I think the community felt the stress the same as the board and the administrators and the staff.”

“It was the grand finale of quite a battle,” he said.

Voters also approved a proposition to buy four new buses, but they rejected a second proposition.  It would have set up a $200,000 capital projects reserve fund.

The ideas was to set up a fund to allow the district to study the future of its aging bus garage.  The district and board agree that the garage needs to either be renovated or replaced.

The capital reserve fund would have allowed the district to pay for the required engineering studies in a way that would have seen the state repay the district for the study.

“It would have had no (tax) impact to the community,” said DiFabio.  The loss “closes down one of our avenues for the future.”

“People may just be tired of capital projects here in Hannibal,” he said.

Voters also returned Madeline Pittorf to the Board of Education.  She was the only candidate on the ballot.

In a brief meeting afterwards, the board appointed Dale Young to the open seat left behind by then-President Matt Henderson’s sudden resignation.  Young was the President before Henderson but chose to leave the board when his last term expired.

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  1. “People may just be tired of capital projects here in Hannibal”

    May be the understatement of the year!

    I wonder how many more times we will have to vote on this before it passes!

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