Hats Off To Tom Fazzio, Technical Director For Oswego Players

Tom Fazzio goes over light cues with Sherri Metz, director of “I Take This Man.”

OSWEGO – Putting on a major production in community theater is truly a collaborative process where the best of the best in volunteers come together to lend their time, talent and love of theater to make it all happen.

Tom Fazzio goes over light cues with Sherri Metz, director of “I Take This Man.”

And for the Oswego Players, there is no one more skilled or appreciated than our very own Tom Fazzio.

Aside from his full-time responsibilities at Syracuse University and the Amphitheater on the Lake, Fazzio finds not only the time, but the shear love of designing the lighting and sound effects for each of the Oswego Players’ productions.

He joined the Oswego Players a few years ago and since then has made major improvements to the lighting capabilities in the Frances Marion Brown Theater.

You might find him alone some nights up in the “bridge” (the area above the main theater) working on new hardware, or up on a ladder on the stage hanging lights for a production.

Everything he touches has a specialness about it that directors have come to trust as part of the total “look and feel” of their show.

So when Sherri Metz met with Fazzio to talk about “I Take This Man,” it was no surprise that he was full of ideas to run by her on how to enhance the lighting of the set.

He makes it a practice to read every script, sit through the initial read through of the play by the actors, observe the process of blocking the show and then revisiting once the the show is well on its way and the set is completed.

It is from the totality of these observation that he creates an orchestration of lights and sound effects that perfectly enhance every scene and every action on the stage.

While it’s the actors that get all the applause and take the bows for their performances, it is really important that we extend kudos to Fazzio.

He never ceases to amaze us. And we wanted to give him some well-deserved applause and ask him to take a bow or two for all the magic he creates from up there in his darken home away from home – “the bridge.”

If you don’t trust our word, come see for yourself some of his handiwork as the Oswego Players present “I Take This Man” when it opens October 11 at the Civic Center of Oswego and again on October 25 and 26 dinner theater style at the Church of the Resurrection.

Oh, and when you leave the theater with that smile on your face, be sure to stop and tell the guy with the beautifully long black beard standing on the stairway of the lobby how much you appreciated his special touch.

Then, watch him just smile back.

For ticket information, please call the box office at 315-343-5138 or better yet log onto oswegoplayers.org and book your reservation now.

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  1. Congratulations Oswego Players for scoring such a great contribution to the plays! A lot less primitive than in the days when Ray and I did the shows back in the 1980s (for seven years!), :0)…fortunately we didn’t fry ourselves on the equipment that had a little wiring problem back then! Ouch!

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