Healthy Snacks at RASP

Fulton, NY – Robbyn Fisher, a participant in the APW Junior High School Rural After School Program prepares a dish during the school’s Family Nutrition Night.

Healthy Snacks
Healthy Snacks

Hosted by RASP, the event brought students and their families together for a hands-on workshop focused on proper nutrition and benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

Students and their families made healthy snacks and learned the advantages of couponing, planning tips for grocery shopping, and preparing a weekly meal plan.

Participants also received cookbooks with recipes for preparing healthy snacks at home courtesy of Kohl’s.

OCO’s Rural After School Program, which is currently offered in the Fulton Junior High School, APW Middle School, and Hannibal Middle School, allows students the opportunity to build healthy relationships with other students and adults in a more social setting than the school day.

For more information, contact Laura Licatese, After School Program coordinator with OCO Education Services, at 315-598-4711 ext. 1056, or via e-mail at [email protected]