Help Keep Your Hydrants Snow-Free

“As we continue to battle Mother Nature, the Oswego Fire Department again reminds all residents having the time and means to check and see that their neighborhood fire hydrant is clear of snow and ice,” according to Chief Jeff McCrobie.

With the steady accumulation that has taken place in the past few days we have again begun the task of digging out the more than 900 city fire hydrants, he said.

“The efforts of our many residents to assist in this is greatly appreciated. Also, keep in mind the welfare of your elderly friends, neighbors and relatives who may need assistance in having their homes accessible due to drifting snow obstructing entrances and home exits,” he added.

Also, be sure that any vents from heating devices are not covered and are properly functioning.

You can call the Oswego Fire Department at 343-2161 if your hydrant needs shoveling.