Holiday Poem Winners Announced

OSWEGO, NY – The following are the two winners of the annual poem contest held in conjunction with the Port City’s Children’s Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony.

This year’s theme was “Sharing for the Holidays.”

Leah Mullen
Leah Mullen

My Holiday
By Leah Mullen, Grade 5, Minetto Elementary

To share my holidays,
To have someone smile that smile,
To bring hope and love to all,
A gift better than any toy,

My holiday the unique one,
The one we don’t know much of,
Then how must I share my holidays?
I inform my peers,
Anything they want to know

December 1st through 8th,
My menorah,
My latkes,
My driedle,
My holiday,

The shamash,
The tall one that sticks out,
My holiday,

Priceless memories,
Cherished days,
My one of a kind holiday,

William Bandla
William Bandla

By William Bandla, Grade 6, Kingsford Park Elementary

It’s time.
Time to share.

Share laughs with family and friends.
Share a feast.
Share Christmas cheer.

What you give is what you get.
So always remember,
Never forget,

It’s Christmas.
Time to share.