In Support Of Fran Zaryski For Oswego School Board

I am writing in support of Fran Zaryski for a spot on the Oswego City School District Board of Education.

Fran is a man of integrity. He has worked hard in the field of finance his whole life.

He spent many years as a senior budget analyst at Alcan and then many more years as a self employed accountant specializing in tax preparation. Fran is a man who knows how to analyze a budget and advise folks where items can be tweaked.

He is also a man who has grandchildren who are being educated by the Oswego City School District. His grandchildren have varying needs, as do most of our kids.

I think what we all truly want is for our kids to get the very best education that they can.

This is accomplished by having a highly qualified teaching staff, support staff and administrators who all believe in the same vision that all kids deserve individualized and differentiated teaching strategies.

That’s what Fran believes in. He believes we need to increase the numbers of kids who graduate from this district.

He believes that we have hired some of the best teachers, administrators and support staff who do not need to be micro managed. He believes that his role on the school board is to support our staff and our children to achieve all that they can.

Fran also believes that at some point, we need to rethink education. He thinks that as a State and a Nation, we put too much emphasis on testing.

We need to find a way to measure what all our kids are learning. There some kids who are great test takers, there are some kids who can tell us what they know and then there are some kids who need a communication system to tell us what they know. They need to make the adults understand presumed competence.

These are those kids who may not be able to communicate like you and me, but have a whole lot to say. We need to make room for all our kids and their learning styles.

The other thing I know about Fran….he believes in Kids First and everything else second.

That means, we do all we can to help all our kids succeed.

Not just honor students, not just kids with special needs, but all those kids that are in the middle as well.

Fran is the man for the job! I hope you feel the same way as well.

Tammy Thompson