In Support of Thomas Benedetto

To The Editor:
I am writing in support of Thomas Benedetto, candidate for Oswego County Family Court Judge.

As a retired school librarian in Pulaski for 34 years, I know Thom is the judge that the children, teens and parents of Oswego County need.

I urge the citizens of this county to get to the polls or vote by absentee ballot because Thom Benedetto is the best person for this position.

I have known Thom about four years.

My first familiarity with Thom came about when he and his wife, Patty, were in the process of acquiring a dog that they could train as a search-and-rescue animal.

As a fellow pet-lover myself, I was in total support of Thom and Patty’s mission to acquire and train a search-and-rescue animal.

I am happy to report that Thom and Patty, with some help from myself and other civic minded individuals in the Oswego County community, are now the proud owners of Phillip, in training for search-and-rescue work.

Not long after that, I learned of Thom’s desire to become the next Oswego County Family Court Judge.

I volunteered in support of Thom’s candidacy by soliciting petition signatures, posting lawn signs and making phone calls to neighbors, friends and constituents.

I even rode along with Thom one evening introducing him to people in the Pulaski area.

Thom is an attentive listener and the people we met with genuinely appreciated meeting him.

I strongly believe Thom is the best person to be our next Oswego County Family Court Judge.

I’m supporting Thom for Family Court Judge and I hope you will as well.

Please vote for Thom Benedetto for Oswego Family Court Judge on November 5.


Elizabeth S. Woods