In This Corner – Oswego’s Newest Boxing Champ

OSWEGO, NY – Oswego Boxing Club member Sidney LeCeur helped put the club on the CNY boxing map over the weekend.

“We just had our first competitor fight and win Saturday,” said Derrick Falcetti, co-owner of the Oswego Boxing Club.

Sidney LeCeur lands a punch in his bout.
Sidney LeCeur lands a punch in his bout.

The event was held at West Area Athletic and Education Center, a gym run by Ray Rinaldi and Chris Burns in Syracuse.

LeCeur fought at 165 pounds in the main event “and won a unanimous decision!” Falcetti said.

“Sidney is 6’2” and for this was the first time he faced a taller opponent. He overcame adversity and made his sharp clean punches very effective,” Falcetti said.

He worked LeCeur’s corner as head trainer and Derek Breitbeck, co-owner, worked as the corner man.

LeCeur, a native of California now living in Oswego, has been boxing since he was young.

“I’ve always been athletic. When I moved out here I wanted to get into boxing and start competing,” he said. “I used to have to go to Onondaga County until they opened here. I have been coming here ever since.”

“We put a lot of time and effort into the preparation of this fight. In boxing, you have to be prepared physically and mentally,” Falcetti explained. “Sidney did exactly what he needed to do and that’s what made him successful. We are very proud of him.”

Sidney LeCeur is congratulated by Derrick Falcetti and Derek Breitbeck, co-owners of the Oswego Boxing Club.
Sidney LeCeur is congratulated by Derrick Falcetti and Derek Breitbeck, co-owners of the Oswego Boxing Club.

“My strategy for Saturday’s bout was to use my jab and go to the body,” LeCeur told Oswego County Today. “But, it changed after the first round because my corner saw an opening that I could capitalize on, so I did.”

“What inspires me to compete is it keeps me out of trouble and gives me somewhere to channel my emotions, good and bad. I find that competition is the best outlet for me,” he continued.

LeCeur said he wanted to thank everyone who came out to watch him compete.

“When I saw 40 people in the stands it made me feel like I already won. I had people who didn’t know me that well come support me and our gym,” he said. “Whether I won or lost, everyone who came made me feel like winner and that made me perform the best I could. So, thanks to everyone who came to support our fight. OBC has a great team and they are like family.”

LeCeur has a goal set to compete in golden gloves in 2016.

The Oswego Boxing Club is now in a new location – 143 George St. Last year, they were located at 177 W. First St. (second floor).

It continues to offer boxing classes for youth as well as men’s and women’s boxing.

They are currently looking for more people to compete.

“We will be traveling to several gyms to compete as well as train for upcoming bouts. We are looking for sponsors to keep our fight team alive,” Falcetti said. “We are even attempting to make the journey to Canada to compete.”

The club needs assistance in covering fuel, equipment, food and in some cases hotel expenses.

To contact OBC with sponsorship requests, or if you are interested in competing, contact Falcetti or Breitbeck at [email protected], or on Facebook at or call 315-342-3300.