Investigation Continues Into Bomb Scare At Schools

OSWEGO, NY – Authorities are continuing to investigate two bomb scares at Oswego schools.

Last week, there was a threat at Oswego Middle School. On Tuesday, the high school as well as the middle school was disrupted by bomb threats.

“Once again, I have to thank all of the law enforcement and fire agencies involved in the search of the Oswego High School and Oswego Middle School.  Their cooperation in assisting district personnel is invaluable,” said Bill Crist, superintendent. “Two bomb scares, in close proximity to one another, jeopardizes the safety of area residents as emergency personnel are busy searching our school buildings.”

The person or persons responsible for these threats will be punished to the maximum degree allowed by law, the superintendent vowed.

If students are involved, they could receive up to a year suspension from school and their parents could be held responsible for up to $5,000 in expenses, he added.

The school district incurred numerous additional expenses due to the loss of hundreds of prepared meals which our students were unable to eat,” Crist said. “We also had to call in additional personnel in the event of emergency transportation.”

There are also additional costs for all of the area law enforcement and fire officials who assisted the district throughout the process, he said.

There were two bomb scares Tuesday. One was at Oswego High School, the other at Oswego Middle School.

Students were evacuated to a sheltered, safe area.

After a sweep of the buildings by district officials, Oswego City Police, SUNY Oswego law enforcement officers, Oswego County Sheriff’s Department and U.S. Border Patrol officials as well as assistance from the Oswego City Fire Department, all students and staff returned safely to the buildings.

The investigation is continuing and police are searching for the person or persons whose action resulted in this extensive search.