Investigation Under Way Within Oswego Police Department

Statement from the mayor regarding the investigation

Mayor Thomas W. Gillen has acknowledged that the city of Oswego is conducting an on-going investigation into a personnel matter with a member of the Oswego Police Department.

The mayor further stated that he is unable to give any specific information regarding the investigation, but assures the community that “we are not looking into any criminal charges, nor do we suspect that any conduct would compromise any past, current, or future criminal investigations.”

Mayor Gillen said this is being treated as a personnel issue, and he cannot release any further information at this time.


OSWEGO, NY – City officials are not commenting on a personnel investigation under way in Oswego’s police department.

Earlier today Oswego County Today was told that the department would, at some point,
release a statement regarding the situation.

However, inquiries are now being directed to the Mayor’s Office.

Oswego Mayor Tom Gillen confirmed that there is an investigation on-going within the
department. He declined to elaborate further.

The mayor indicated that he will make a statement regarding the investigation, but
offered no date as to when that announcement would come.

At the same time, a high-ranking member of the department is not at work.

The veteran Oswego police officer told Oswego County Today that he had no comment on what was going on within the department.

Oswego Police Chief Tory DeCaire hasn’t commented on the situation. A spokesperson for his office had said the chief has no comment at this time.