It’s Signage Time Again

To The Editor:
Signs signs everywhere a sign blocking up the scenery blowing my mind vote for this, don’t vote for that, aren’t you tired of all of those signs.

I loved that song when it came out.

I changed the words to fit the situation.

It’s that time of year again.

Election time!

You know when we see election ads on TV on every station you turn too.

Mailings telling us how great the candidate is and how bad their opponent is.

We have no control over what is on the TV or what we get in the mail.

We can change the channel or just toss mailing out in the trash.

Signage is a different story all together.

There are city ordinances that we asked our city leaders to put in place and ask them to up hold them.

Here are a few of them and how they protect us.

#1 NO political signage on Public property.(It is taxpayer property not anyone political parties)
#2 NO signage larger than said size (3’ x 6’) (they are distractions and eyesores.)

Now there are a few other laws that come into play in the placement of signage or any other objects.

#1 Nothing can be placed in a public walkway or roadway that would hinder the public access of said walkway or roadway.

#2 NO object (Signage, vehicle) shall be placed or parked within so many feet of a fire hydrant so as to hinder the access to said hydrant.

Now almost all of these laws have been broken or loopholes in the laws have been found by political parties on both sides of the aisle.

The big problem is that breaking of these rules makes our city look like a clown fest.

I have always been against the number and placement of any political signs.

If people don’t like the laws on the books go through the proper procedure and have them changed.

Don’t try and find loopholes or cry foul in order to get your way.

By doing these actions you are no better than the people you find fault with day in and day out.

You say things like “These people come here and don’t want to follow the rules they want to do their own thing.”

“Why can’t they just follow the rules.”

“If they don’t like our rules go back to where you came from.”

Then again let’s try and see why our city isn’t enforcing these laws.

If they aren’t going to enforce them take them off the books and end the problem and just put a sign up at the entrance to our city that reads: “welcome to our city no rules no laws enjoy yourself”

Now in support of the city leaders they did try and enforce some of these laws but backed down.

Because of the loop holes found.

A believer in following the signage laws on the books!

Frank Castiglia Jr.


  1. The last I saw was a sign could be no larger than 12 sq ft. That would equal a 3 x 4 ft sign. Not a 3 x 6 ft one.

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