June 2016 Was Warmer and Surprisingly Wetter Than Average

June was a good month to go camping with a few friends.

June was a good month to go camping with a few friends.

OSWEGO – June 2016 was slightly warmer and a bit wetter than average, according to Bill Gregway, local observer for the National Weather Service.

June was a good month to go camping with a few friends.
June was a good month to go camping with a few friends.

The average temperature for June 2016 was 65.7 degrees. That is just 0.1-degree warmer than average, Gregway said.

The highest temperature was 91 degrees on the 26th and the lowest was 46 degrees on the 15th.

There were no new records, but it was close to the record high on the 26th, Gregway noted. And it was close to a record low on the 15th.

June had 1 day in the 90s, 3 in the 80s and 18 in the 70s.

The overnight lows dipped into the 50s 16 times and 3 times into the 40s.

Total precipitation for June came in at 3.71 inches. That is 0.61-inch greater than average.

The greatest precipitation in a 24-hour period was 1.57 inches on the 5th.

“We also had 0.48 on the 2nd, 0.88 on the 11th and 0.44 on the 27th. That’s what helped us come in higher than normal,” Gregway explained. “The rain came in batches. On the 2nd, we had 0.30 in 15 minutes and on the 11th we had 0.40 in just 5 minutes.”

However, for the year, the total is 17.61 inches, which is 1.77 inches below average.

“We’re still running a deficit,” Gregway said.

June had 7 days of measurable precipitation.

A trace fell 1 day.

And there was no precipitation on 22 days – 8 of them were consecutive.

“We had a couple good stretches of dry weather last month,” Gregway said.

The number of cloudy days, 5, was 4 below normal.

The number of partly cloudy days, 16, was 5 above average.

The number of clear days, 9, was 1 below average.

Last month saw 70 percent of the possible amount of sunshine.

That is 5 percentages higher than average.

“Who would have thought that in cloudy old Oswego,” Gregway quipped.

There were 2 thunderstorms. That is 3 below average.

June had no foggy days. That is 1 below average.

There was 1 instance of hail, during a thunderstorm.

The highest barometric pressure was 30.28 in the 19th. The lowest was 29.49 on the 5th.

The strongest winds last month were westerly greater than 30 mph. There was a gust of more than 35 mph during a thunderstorm, Gregway pointed out.

“It wasn’t really a windy month,” he said. “We had some winds around 30 mph on 3 times, the 7th, 8th and 20th. The 7th, 8th and 9th were real windy days.”

June 2015 wasn’t a nice month.

The high temperature was 85 degrees and the low was 40 degrees. The average was 1.7 degrees below normal.

There was 1 new record.

Total precipitation was 6.91 inches.

“It was a wet month. It seemed to rain just about every day for the first half of the month,” Gregway said. “For the year, the total was 19.5 inches at the end of June.”

There were 3 thunderstorms and 9 foggy days.

The least precipitation for June is 0.12-inch in 1955. The most is 9.81 inches in 1889.

June 2005 is the warmest on record – 71.7 degrees. The coolest is 48.9 degrees in 1926.

The highest temperature in June is 98 degrees (June 22, 1988) and the coolest is 36 degrees (June 1, 1971 and on June 3, 1986).