Kindred Kingdom Wildlife Rehabilitation Visits Michaud

FULTON – Jean Soprano of Kindred Kingdom Wildlife Rehabilitation visited Michaud Residential Health Services in Fulton to talk about her work at the wildlife rehabilitation center located in Pennellville.

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<p>Pictured is Jean Soprano of Kindred Kingdom Wildlife Rehabilitation holding a Great Horned Owl that has been rehabilitated by the Kindred Kingdom program. Soprano visited the residents of Michaud Residential Health Services in Fulton to discuss the work at the wildlife rehabilitation center in Pennellville. Animals are cared for with the goal of getting them healthy and strong enough to be returned to the wild.</p>

Soprano explained that Kindred Kingdom is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the care and release of injured wildlife. The mission of Kindred Kingdoms Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is to provide the best medical treatment with the least amount of stress possible for the injured and orphaned wildlife that come to them in need of help.

The wildlife rehabilitation program accomplishes this through the building shelters on our 40 acre site, in their natural habitat surrounded by foliage, fresh air and all the sounds of nature that they are accustom to, ultimately providing the best conditions to allow the animals to heal.

The Michaud resident council presented Soprano with a donation on behalf of the wildlife rehabilitation program.

Michaud Residential Health Services is a not-for-profit residential skilled nursing and rehabilitation healthcare provider located at 453 Park Street in the City of Fulton. Michaud is part of the St. Luke Family of Caring which includes affiliates St. Luke Health Services and Bishop’s Commons Assistive Living Residence in Oswego. Together they provide care and services for more than 350 residents, and together employ over 470. Visit us on the web at www.michaudhs.com.