Lanigan Students Show Gratitude, Earn Recognition

Several Lanigan Elementary School students were recently honored for having shown gratitude throughout the month of November.

Those students received role model certificates because their classroom teachers noted the students’ exhibited appreciation for things other people have done for them.

The following honorees accepted awards: Indiana Griffin, Jacob Hotaling, Devon Hamilton, Aiden Greeney, Donovan Collins, Austin Garn, Connor Connolly, EvanLambert, Angus McClave, Kaiden Raymond, Finley Nye, Adrianna Bulla, Lily McCoy, Zeke Stelios, Dominic Vescio, Benjamin Hotaling, Avery Washburn, Farrah Naranjo, Addison Barrick, Keonna Holmes, RaeMiah Ryan, Griffin Shear, Emily Delaney, Trinity Nicholas and Zachery Regan.

Also honored were: Julius LaPointe, Isaac Becker, Ethan Ingerson, Kinleigh Weaver, Ava Reis, Emma Blackmar, Bailey LeVea, Breyson Gibson, Jackson Berry. Gemma Calkins, Maggie Sorbello, Michael Baldwin, Kendal LaMacchia, Layne Marlow, Santiago Rodriquez, Jean Chappell, Gabriel Livingston, Owen Ouderkirk, Andrew Sanders, Anthony Vincent and Hailey Townsend.

One student from each classroom was also selected for the monthly On a Roll certificates because they worked hard toward achieving a personal goal.

Recognized were the following students: Larry Prevo, Nakiah Sibley, Jordan Thurlow, Treydon Ross, Kyleigh Burkard, Brook McLoughlin, Isaaic Reed, Madyson Holley, Hailey Becker, Ryder Massey, Blake Bednarz, Anthony Demperio, James Baker, Sullivan Strong, Brock Harp, Tessa Holley, Morgan Lambert, Skye Spears, Anna-Marie Clew, Lucas Stenson, Blake Bartosek and Teagan Ward.