Leadership Qualities Earn Mexico Elementary Students Recognition

MEXICO – Several Mexico Elementary School students were recently honored for exhibiting leadership qualities throughout the month of April.

Each awardee received a certificate and a medal because they served as role models for their peers and exemplified the seven Habits of Happy Kids: being proactive, having a plan, working first and play later, depositing good vibes in others’ emotional bank accounts, listening to other people’s feelings and ideas, valuing and learning from other people’s strengths and taking care of oneself.

The following students were honored during the school’s recent Synergy Summit:

John DeStevens, Mason Shaffer, Stella Thomas, Madelynne Backus, Abel Ellis, Dominick Mykietyn, Piper Boozer, Max Callahan, Giovanni Stabile, Brandon Furlong, Zachardy Eddy, Tianna Greene-Ward, Natalie Dix, Isabella Delamater, Emma Romanowski, Stanley Sullivan, Anna Shaffer, Noah Gagnier, Shylan Spataro, Randy Weir, Mollie Mannise, Parker Stevens, Juliana Mayer, Myah Smith, Linmarie Dausman, Katelynn Horzempa, Sammy Britton, Christian Ortiz and Ryan Weir.

Mexico Elementary students have the months of May and June to continue to strive for leadership recognition.