Learn about Alphorns on July 17

The CNY Alphorns

The CNY Alphorns

MEXICO – The CNY Alphorns will be performing at the Mexico Point Park on July 17 at 6:15 p.m.

Alphorns are the 13-foot-long wooden horns seen frequently in Ricola cough drop commercials.

The CNY Alphorns
The CNY Alphorns

Most people have never heard them played live, not to mention that we play them employing harmony.

Wooden signal horns were common throughout Europe during the Medieval period, but it was in the mountainous regions of Switzerland where they reached their current length.

Physics dictate that low-pitched sounds travel farther than the high-pitch sounds, and low-pitch sounds require longer horns.

So in order for their signal to reach the intended party in the vastness of the Swiss Alps, the people of those mountainous regions were forced to make their horns extra-long.

The members of the CNY Alphorns come from several Upstate NY counties, and perform at many Swiss and German festivals, such as Oktoberfests throughout the Upstate area.

We perform in traditional Swiss outfits which include an decorative version of a Swiss milking shirt and what is commonly called in this country, a porkpie hat.

Come hear for yourself, the sweet harmony of the mountain alphorn.

The Alphorn presentation is just one of the great performances that evening.

Emalee Harrington will open the evening with the Star Spangled Banner.

Friends of Mexico Point Park are proud to bring to the park’s stage Josie Waverly and her band.

Josie Waverly is heralded as “NYS’s Queen of Country.”

The musical evening will end with Mexico Brass Band playing until fireworks by Young Explosives.

Refreshments will be available for sale but admission to the park is free.

Come early and walk the trails and tour historic Casey’s Cottage, an 11th century English manor house.