Legislator Frank Castiglia Seeks Re-election

FULTON – Frank Castiglia isn’t done yet – he is seeking another term as Oswego County Legislator for the 25th District.

Legislator Frank Castiglia
Legislator Frank Castiglia

His background includes:

Education: 1966 Graduate of G.Ray Bodley HS
1968 CCBI-Business Adm. Diploma
1973 NH College- B.S. Degree-Bus. Ed.
2015 Pelletier Institute Diploma
Work Exp.: Kodak (Rochester)-1980-82-Hourly
Stradford Business School-1983-1988
Business Teacher: 83 to 84
Placement Director: 84-85
Program Coordinator: 85-86
Director: 86-88
Carrier Corp.:1988-2001
Production Supervisor: 88-95
Production Control Supervisor: 95-01
Fulton City School Dist.:2002-Now
Bus Driver: Special Needs Students
Knights of Columbus: Third Degree Knight
Holy Trinity Parish: Usher 8:30 Mass
Bingo on Fridays.
Elected Positions: Oswego Legislator 25thDistrict-2013-Now

Official Platform:
Transparency in Government: My intention and belief is to inform the public what their government is doing with their tax money.
LESS GOVERNMENT: Fewer Legislators & combined local government.
FACTUAL BUDGETING, NOT “FICTIONAL BUDGETING”: Department heads must budget what they need, not what they want.
Problem facing Oswego County;
Many Department heads, also past and present Legislators complain about and say the big problem is Un-funded Mandates.
After only one year in office, I could see that every Government (Town, Village, City and County) in this state is faced with these un-funded mandates and they deal with them. We have to start to learn how to say NO and mean it by telling department heads who keep asking and asking for more without giving up anything in their budgets. I told one department head when he complained about 85% of his budget being un-funded mandates. I said, “The taxpayers in my city have to deal with 95% of their household budget being unfunded and I wasn’t going to add another dime to their budget without you giving up something of the 15% that isn’t mandated”. We must start reducing our costs (without cutting services or workers) and stop adding more taxes and fees to the backs of our already over taxed and under serviced taxpayers.
I am hopeful the voters will let me keep standing up for their rights. It has been a privilege.

Honorable Frank Castiglia Jr. Oswego County Legislator 25th District

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  1. How fortunate the citizens of the 25th District, and Oswego County are in having a Legislator as Frank Castiglia. This man has a love, and a concern for the people he serves in Oswego County. I had the pleasure in attending a Legislator meeting last month, (Sept) and witnessed your Legislator Frank Castiglia in Action. You couldn’t find a better person in that seat representing you. He is truly for the people not only in his District, but in the entire County, meeting the problems head on, and doing everything in his power to get answers and to save tax payers monies. I know Frank has a number of goals set for the District, and his one term in office just scratched the service….there is more work to be done, and Legislator Frank is your representative to make these goals happen for you the voters in the 25th District….I would encourage everyone to get out and Vote for Legislator Frank Castiglia! Thank You!

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