Legislator Malone Thanks Voters For Support

Letter to the editor:
I want to thank all of the Conservative voters who supported me in the primary election and all of the voters countywide who took the time out of their day to vote.

I also want to take the opportunity to clear up some false and misleading information my opponent, Joey Susino, put out about me.

He said I voted to spend $22,000 to train people how to prepare healthy meals. That money came from a federal grant and I’m sure if Mr. Susino bothered to check, he would see that his Republican counterparts voted for it as well.

This is a good program sponsored by the federal government and I saw no reason to vote against accepting the money.

The legislature never took a vote on putting windmills in Lake Ontario, as Mr. Susino claims.

We voted on a memorializing resolution, meaning we vote whether to ask our state representatives to support or oppose something.

As Legislator Amy Tresidder brought up at one of the meetings, there was inaccurate information in the resolution and she backed it up with documentation.

I don’t vote for resolutions that have the wrong information.

The Republicans like to jump on these resolutions without even looking into the pros and cons. I’ve complained about that plenty of times.

My opponent said I’m not Conservative.

He forgot to mention that unlike his Republican counterparts, I didn’t vote to give the contract to IQS, costing the taxpayers $100,000 more than needed to be spent.

I didn’t vote for the company with the lowest rating and the highest cost.

How is that not being Conservative?

I asked if County Republican Chairman/County Clerk Mike Backus was going to rebid the contract as he well could have this past August, but I guess Mr. Backus likes wasting taxpayer money, too.

The contract has a year to year option.

That’s a lot of money Mr. Backus could have saved if he put it back out to bid.

I didn’t vote to put a high school dropout in charge of a $192 million budget.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it was the Republicans who appointed Fred Beardsley as the treasurer. I guess they didn’t care if he knew how to add and subtract.

The voting countywide showed that the voters are getting tired of the Republican machine wasting money, giving jobs to unqualified people and relatives.
Doug Malone