Legislator Speaks To Sunrise Rotarians

OSWEGO, NY – On Thursday, Terry M. Wilbur, legislator for District 21, addressed the Oswego Sunrise Rotary Club.

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From left: Don Todd and President Sharon Baker thank speaker Legislator Terry M. Wilber.

Legislator Wilbur has the honor of being the youngest legislator elected in Oswego County.

He was sworn into office at age 21.

Mr. Wilber served on the Hannibal Village Board at age 19.

He serves on the county’s Health and Human Services Committee.

This, he admits, is an important, but challenging committee assignment.

He is currently a senior in Political Science at SUNY Oswego and will graduate this year.

He works as a farmer when not representing his constituents.

He plans to continue his career in politics upon graduating from college.

Terry expressed his deep concern for the plight of the dairy farmer in New York State and is working to help them overcome their economic problems.