Let’s Make a Deal – The Price is Right!

To The Editor:
Two game shows? Or real life shows in city of Fulton and Oswego County Legislature.

Because of space only the city of Fulton’s game shows will be discussed in this first story.

First up on the game show circuit is the Price is Right in the city of Fulton.

The demolition of the Nestles site price: Free (But was it?)

Then there was the episode where a very good price of crushed bricks to be used as fill for the foundation of an Aldi’s store (7/19 – Common Council meeting “Mayor Woodward ensured the city was getting a deal on the crushed brick needed to bring the site up to road level”).

You know $230,000 ($300,000 bonded).

Next up was Let’s Make a Deal in the city of Fulton.

In the first episode the Leaders of Fulton try to trade their three target dates for a completion of the demolition.

The first one for trade was June 1 and it was traded for door #1 – behind door #1 – a sign that said “no not today.”

Then came a target date of July 1 to trade for Door #2 – behind it was a sign that said” no not today.”

Oh well let’s try again only with an August 1 date to trade for door #3.

Behind that door again a sign that said no not today.

But remember, the price was right (free – or was it?)

Now the city leaders of Fulton being the good contestants went back to Let’s Make a Deal.

In this episode they had traded (or bonded) up to have $230,000 in their hands.

Well now they could take their $230,000 and walk away or trade for what was behind one of the doors.

Well they decided to trade for one of the doors (hoping to win some material to use for fill for the foundation of the Aldi’s store).

Now the city leaders picked door #2- Let’s look at what was behind the other doors.

First door #1 – Good fill from on the site and keep your money.

Then there was door #3 – Crushed stone from Syracuse-Stone & Gravel.

Now let’s see what was behind door #2 – Crushed bricks – useless for fill needed to bring the site up to ground level for Aldi’s (Aldi’s has, according to the mayor, on September 6 CC meeting said the bricks aren’t useable as fill needed to bring the site up to ground level).

So the city has paid for crushing of bricks that can’t be used for their intended purpose (reported in the news media: “The common council has approved the purchase of crushed brick from Mark Lindsley of Infinity Enterprises to bring the site to ground level after crushing the bricks on site.”)

Remember the bricks we gave him.


When asked on September 6 if we had to now buy more fill, the mayor said, ”The Nestles site is 24 acres and Aldi only wants 2 acres and there is lots of fill in other spots on the site. “

If that is fact then why did we pay for crushing of bricks that we didn’t need in the first place?

That is where the true “Let’s make a deal” was.

A very concerned taxpayer of the city of Fulton,
Frank Castiglia Jr.


  1. This article made me laugh but is really so sad to see how our city is being run.
    People that drive through our city even ask – what happened to Fulton it looks like the slums.

  2. Only in Fulton NY would any body get excited about an Aldi’s coming to town with it’s six minimum wage jobs.
    Free means that’s a liberal term for watch your back because nothing is free just means that somebody else has to pay for it. Somehow the taxpayers will end up footing the bill once again when this contractor takes all the good material and leaves us the site demolition not finished and we have to deal with the brownfield site materials.
    What are you going to do sue him for specific performance? Wait their is no value to the agreement it was free so what can you sue for?
    Hate to be a sniper but this city has been run by a group of drunken sailors for a long time. Time to Sail away!

  3. So very sad what this project has come to.
    We should also be raising a stink about all this material laying around for far too long beforehand.
    Has anyone thought of all these hazardous materials getting rained or snowed upon and then making their way into our water ways. The same ones we fish in and swim in. It’s bad enough littering is completely out of control around here. Now all the asbestos and brick and metal etc can attribute.
    Wake up Fulton. Quit ignoring the issues and speak up!
    We are getting really good at starting projects and not finishing as planned. The lake, the roads, tearing down buildings, cleaning up the city, reviving dead zones….
    Pretty sure none of those went as planned.
    I’m ready for a change.
    Every tax payer should be.
    Thank you for writing this article!

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