Letter to the Editor

November 1, 2011

Dear Editor:
Since December of 2009, more and more residents of the Town of Schroeppel and surrounding areas have become aware that we have been targeted for an agri-business venture that is unsuitable for this climate and poses a threat to our water, our environment, and our quality of life in general. Another issue that has arisen during the past year was an attempt to revive gravel mining in Pennellville, much to the dismay of long-time residents who fought choking dust in their homes from gravel mining 20 years earlier, and newer residents who feared contamination of their wells and pollution of the Sand Ridge Aquifer.

A ground swell of opposition to these proposals grew quickly as individuals and groups started intense research, read books and articles, participated in forums, attended Town Board meetings, and disseminated information to the public via news media and the Internet. This grass roots movement developed as local people combined their strengths and skills to protect and improve the community.

Three of the people involved in this effort are willing to run for seats on the Town Board. Based on our experience in working with these individuals, we are sure that at the very least, Ryan Johnson will continue to work for good water quality in the area and sound government. Matt Biondolillo will apply his considerable qualifications and expertise as environmental engineer/senior project manager to water quality and integrity of wetlands, while infusing a sense of responsibility and decorum into local government. Mike Lattimore, running for Town Supervisor, is the person responsible for calling for a debate among the candidates. He has worked tirelessly to establish and maintain the website, PhoenixTalks.com, providing opportunities for input on all sides of the issues, including an online petition which has attracted signatures from the entire Syracuse area and beyond. He will continue to strive for openness in government as well as coordination and communication among agencies. He has worked effectively to pinpoint individuals and officeholders on the Town and Planning Boards and in county agencies, to direct their attention to any of their activities having a positive or negative effect on the community, now or in the future.

Mike Lattimore, Matt Biondolillo, and Ryan Johnson are representative of the scores of local residents who have come to appreciate the advantages and untapped potential for clean development in the Town of Schroeppel by having to defend it. Vote the Voices of the People ticket.

John and Susan Lynch