Letter to the Editor: Legislators Should Get The Facts

“Where’s The Money” seems to be the new game being played by two County Legislators in Oswego County this fall; must be election time again! The story in the August Valley News is patently false. All stimulus funded wastewater projects had to be in the pipeline before the ARRA was passed on February 19. There is $4.7 million in stimulus funded highway projects that will be complete before winter. If it were not for Senator Darrel Aubertine, those projects may well be in Long Island.

Just Monday, the $11 million in ARRA funds for the Town of Richland was announced. Like other competitive projects, this was in development before the ARRA came online. Despite the Legislators’ impatient grumbling, this project’s score earned it stimulus funding.

If Legislator Shawn Doyle and Legislator Barbara Brown want the full story they need to pick up the county address book and call Senator Aubertine’s office instead of playing to reporters. Our tax dollars are not a political football!

Mr. Doyle and Mrs. Brown need to get the facts, all the facts and work with Senator Aubertine instead of spreading false information.

Senator Aubertine is willing to work with anyone regardless of party to make sure state resources come to Central New York.

James McMahon
Central Square