Wednesday’s Links Worth Clicking

  • It's the dead of winter, you're stranded on the side of the road and need a tow. What should you keep in mind before letting someone tow away your car?
  • New Year's Eve isn't just the final day of Gov. Paterson's administration. It's also the last day of work for nearly 900 state workers who are being laid off becuase of the state budget crunch.
  • Getting on the bus and heading back to school after winter break is a scary thought for one 4-year-old boy from Pulaski.
  • Time Warner Cable Inc. customers could lose access to one or more of their network TV stations because of a contract dispute with Sinclair Broadcast Group.

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  1. Fox may offend more people than they care to. So this may not be a good plan on their side. I wonder how many of their advertisers will be upset when sales are down from all those cable customers who ‘forget’ that they are out there. I know that ads help me decide when to purchase an item, so if I miss those shows, I also miss those ads.

    Just a tho’t Fox. You may have been a provocative station once, but you are only one among many on cable now. I hate to say how many people just won’t care all that much by the loss.

    Local cable customer who has noticed that you are lowering the bar on provocative shows at earlier and earlier hours, too, so quite frankly, m’dear, I don’t give a d!

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