Local Libraries Host Science Programming for Kids

A six-week long science program has been in session since July 5 for kids in Oswego, Fulton and Phoenix.

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Sarah Robinson, public outreach manager at SciExcite, demonstrates the process of sublimation using dry ice.

These one-hour long sessions on Tuesdays have taken place at the public libraries in each town.

Each week is themed and contains experiments relating to the theme.

Our Food Chemistry Day, for instance, included labs such as tie dye milk, banana piano using Makey Makey (which involves completing circuits), and baking soda vinegar balloons.

These sessions have been well received by the kids and their parents, sparking an interest in trying some of the manageable experiments at home.

These sessions have been run by a not-for-profit organization known as SciExcite.

What is SciExcite?

SciExcite is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization completely created and run by high school students from Fayetteville-Manlius High School.

SciExcite was incorporated in July 2015 and has had several successful programs and events.

They’ve run monthly sessions at the Manlius Library, with a program known as Mad Scientists.

In addition, SciExcite has also held weekly events at Hopeprint, which is a huge part of the resettled refugee population in Syracuse, and they have also made appearances at Outreach and Interfaith.

These high schoolers are driven to help younger students find an interest in science that is similar to their own.

SciExcite is looking to grow both in members and places to install programming.

If you’re a high schooler interested in joining, someone looking to support them, or have kids you’d like to have programming for, contact them at:
Website: SciExcite.org
Email: [email protected]
Recruitment Manager: [email protected]
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/SciExcite/
Instagram: www.Instagram.com/SciExcite/
Twitter: Twitter.com/SciExcite