Long-Time Rotarians Recognized

OSWEGO – Eight of Oswego Rotary’s long-time members were honored for 25+ years of service at this week’s Rotary meeting, which was held at The American Foundry.

Rotarians Recognized
Rotarians Recognized

Pictured from left are Carrie Penoyer, immediate past president for Oswego Rotary, Paul Heins (honoree, 35 years), Joe Hutchinson (honoree, 31 years), Oswego Rotary President, Bob Pompo, Rick Tesoriero (honoree, 34 years), Selma Sheridan (honoree, 26 years), Corte Spencer (honoree, 36 years), Sue Witmer, Oswego Rotary program coordinator, Terry Gorman (honoree, 29 years), Jim Bushey (honoree, 31 years), and Vern Tryon (honoree, 33 years).

Oswego Rotary, whose motto is “Service About Self,” meets every Tuesday at noon at The American Foundry.

For information on how you can join and serve your community, visit www.OswegoRotary.org.