Looking for ghosts at Starr Clark Tin Shop and Underground RR Headquarters

Join professionals in the search for spirits at the Starr Clark Tin Shop and Underground Railroad Museum on Main Street in Mexico.

Starr Clark Tin Shop
Starr Clark Tin Shop

The 1800s Tin Shop was the headquarters for the Underground Railroad.

It was here that Starr Clark, a local tinsmith, and other Mexico abolitionists made plans to help runaway slaves get to freedom in Canada.

Their most famous runaway was Jerry McHenry who was captured in Syracuse and placed in jail awaiting his return to the South.

Abolitionists broke into the jail, rescued McHenry, and secreted him north to Mexico where he was hidden for two weeks before making his way safely to Canada.

On June 29, from 6 p. m. to 2 a. m. a limited number of participants will help professional ghost hunters using professional equipment search for spirits.

Will the spirit of Jerry McHenry be there?

Join investigators to find out.

The group has also been ghost hunting at Casey's Cottage
The group has also been ghost hunting at Casey’s Cottage

The investigation will take place on all levels of the Tin Shop.

Participants should bring a flashlight and may bring one other piece of equipment.

Reservations are required: $50 per person or two for $80.

For more information and to join the P.I.T CRU in the search for ghosts, call Vic at 402-7170 or Betty at 963-7657.