Maffei Hits $5 Million Mark In Returned Benefits For Central New Yorkers

SYRACUSE, NY – U.S. Representative Dan Maffei announced that he has returned more than $5 million in benefits for Central New Yorkers.

“Assisting hardworking families in Central New York and securing the benefits they have earned and deserve is one of the my highest priorities,” said Rep. Maffei. “From Social Security and Medicare benefits to advocating for veterans and members of the military, my office and I are here to help cut through the bureaucratic red tape. I will continue to deliver high-quality constituent services to the people in our local communities and encourage Central New Yorkers to take advantage of the important resources and casework assistance my offices can provide.”

Rep. Maffei has closed more than 1,550 cases since taking office in January 2013.

Of the more than $5 million returned to Central New Yorkers, nearly $4.2 million were benefits for veterans, members of the U.S. Military, Social Security and Medicare recipients.