Magnanimous Women Offer Donation To Animal Shelter

OSWEGO, NY – A pair of animal lovers held a benefit recently to raise funds for the Oswego Animal Shelter.

At Monday night’s Administrative Services Committee meeting, Caroline Anderson, animal control officer, requested permission to accept their donation of an anesthesia machine, a counter top autoclave unit and a surgical light for use by Ken Hodgson, DVM, to spay and neuter dogs and cats at the Oswego Animal Shelter.

“I was contacted by these two wonderful women and they were interested in purchasing this machine for the shelter,” Anderson told the committee.

The items are being offered for donation by Theresa Makin and Terry Todd to aid the shelter in its goal of being able to perform spay and neuter surgeries on site, she said.

They are making the donation because of their love of animals, the two women said.

This will not only save the Animal Control Department money, but it will help tackle the animal over-population issues the Port City and surrounding areas are facing, Anderson explained.

And, it will get us closer to a 100 percent spay-neuter rate of the shelter cats and dogs prior to adoption, she added.

“We had a harvest dinner recently at the Ancient Order of Hibernians to raise funds,” Makin said. “It was a success. We had a lot of support.”

“It helps the shelter a lot,” Anderson said following the meeting. “Any animal shelter’s goal is 100 percent spay-neuter rate prior to adoption.”

They have, in the past, taken animals to local vets for the surgeries as often as donations would allow.

A lot of animals were released without being altered, she said.

“This is a much more ideal situation,” Anderson said. “It’s very proactive. It’s an excellent prospect for us.”

Fourth Ward Councilor Shawn Walker asked if the city could perform the surgeries for other municipalities and generate some revenue for Oswego.

In the future, it will possible for the shelter to establish contracts with animal groups or others who would like to use their services, Anderson said.

“That’s in the future,” she said. “We want to get ours done first.”

Third Ward Councilor Mike Todd asked why the vet doesn’t just do the surgeries at his office.

“Our vet is semi-retired. So, he’s with us more than half the year,” Anderson explained.

The council approved a contract with Dr. Hodgson a few months ago.

He will be performing all the surgeries on site.

“We have a contract with him already for veterinary care; he comes in, he does vaccines, animal checks, small procedures – things like that,” Anderson said.

“The total cost of the machine and the vaporizer and oxygen and surgical light is going to be more than $6,000,” Makin said.

Earlier this month, they hosted the Paws-of-Plenty Harvest Dinner at the AO of Hibernians. For $10, participants could enjoy a turkey or ham dinner, either dine-in or carry-out.
In addition to dinner, items from several local businesses were raffled off and baked goods were for sale at the desert table.

All proceeds benefited the Animal Shelter in order to pay for medical equipment for an on-site surgical suite.

Spaying and neutering animal is a major concern in Oswego County and the shelter works to combat this issue, Terry Todd said.

With a fully functioning surgical suite on-site, the shelter will be better equipped to serve the Oswego community and give the animals of this area a better life, she added.

Council President and committee chair Ron Kaplewicz thanked the women for their efforts on behalf of the city.

The full council will consider the request at next week’s meeting.

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  1. By spaying and neutering stray animals, we will also benefit taxpayers who should be extremely grateful that euthanization costs might be much lower in the future. With fewer animals out there suffering in our largely rural county, there will also be less need for trapping and sheltering costs.

    I, personally, cannot thank these two women enough (and all those that attended the supper) for their efforts! Nation-wide, we need to address this issue. But, at least here in little ol’ Oswego, we are taking one step in that direction.

    Thank you, Ms. Todd and Ms. Makin! And thank the Shelter for making room for this endeavor! Of course, needless to say, without Dr. Hodgson, none of this would work as well!

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