Making Memories that Last a Lifetime at the Fulton Family YMCA: Registration Now Open for Day Camp

Fulton, New York – As parents look for opportunities to keep their active ones busy this summer, the Fulton Family YMCA Day Camp reminds caregivers that camp is among the best options for engaging kids in activities that will help develop their spirit, mind and body, while getting them outdoors in a safe environment.

“Camping is synonymous with personal development. It provides kids with the opportunity to practice social and decision-making skills through new experiences,” says Lynnet Lamb, of the Fulton Family YMCA “Kids come to camp to develop friendships, learn skills in a new environment, and make memories that will last a lifetime.”

The Fulton Family YMCA Day Camp provides exciting and educational summer camp options for both school-age children and teens.

According to the American Camp Association, fewer children are spending time and having fun outdoors. Children have lost 12 hours of free time a week over the last 20 years – eight of these lost hours were once spent in unstructured play and outdoor activities, says ACA.

Attending summer camp at the YMCA can impact youth and teens in several important ways:

* Kids learn when given a break from their daily routine. Camp offers kids a productive “time away” from the troubling economic news they hear every day, as well as an independence they don’t typically experience at home or in school.
* Lifelong memories are made at camp. The Fulton Family YMCA is the ideal environment for developing new skills, learning from other campers and counselors, and making new friends to share it all with.
* Decision-making skills are learned through experience. At camp, kids and teens learn and practice how to make smart choices, solve problems, and work as a team toward common goals. These skills are essential to character development.
* At camp, kids and teens develop confidence by trying and learning new things, including adventurous outdoor activities that can lead to healthy, life-long habits.
* Camp is the perfect environment for increasing kids and teens’ awareness and appreciation of nature and the great outdoors.

Collectively the nation’s largest providers of camping programs, YMCAs have operated summer camps for more than 100 years. Each year, YMCAs operate 265 resident camps that serve 300,000 campers. YMCAs also operate more than 2,000 community and regional YMCA day camps that serve 600,000 individual campers each summer, which includes about 120 specialty camps for kids with disabilities. An additional 1.5 million individuals participate in camp programs throughout the balance of the year in family camps, weekend retreats, and school camping.

Visit or call the Fulton Family YMCA at 315-598-9622 to learn more about Fulton Family YMCA Day Camp for youth.

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